We Are

  • We are a community Church with people of all ages, varied interests, abilities, professions, and talents.
  • We are a Bible-centered church emphasizing a personal faith in Jesus Christ.
  • We are a people-centered church that wants to show Jesus' love and compassion to those around We are an historic peace church desiring to bring reconciliation, peace, and wholeness to all the relationships of life.

About Crossroads

We Believe:

  • in one God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
  • that God has made Himself known through the Bible
  • that God created the world, and that He created men and women in His image
  • that people are separated from God
  • that God sent His Son Jesus so that we could be reunited with Him
  • that this salvation is a gift given to those who receive Jesus as Saviour and Lord
  • that Jesus will return one day to establish a new heaven and a new earth in which right will be done, and justice prevail

Our Priorities

  • We are committed to following Jesus in all area of life.
  • We get together with others who also follow Jesus. We believe we have a bond with each other that transcends all racial, social, and national barriers.
  • We emphasize the importance of the family, believing it to be a primary place where God's love can be shown in loving relationships.
  • Our aim is not to compete with other churches, however, if you are looking for a church home you are welcome here.